Producer - Artist Collaboration

Artists have a sound they want to bring into the world.  Artists need a good producer who "gets their  vibe",  and shapes a sound that is both unique and commercial. 

The best music comes from collaboration and hard work.  

Got a melody?  Let's write lyrics..  Got some lyrics?  I'll produce beats, instruments, tracks underneath for a commercial sound.  

Modern Feelings Music is 100% focused on creative relationships with you the artist.  We have the gear, the ear and the experience to help you express yourself artistically.  


Modern Feelings Music is based in Sacramento Ca.   We are a dedicated, full service boutique production space.  We use Protools, the latest plugins, virtual instruments, loops and samples.  We utilize best outboard gear, preamps and A/D conversion. 

Ready to treat  your music  as a business?  We are ready to work with you to find your sound.  

An artists social media presence is essential to success. Modern feelings collaborations include music videos for social media and EFTs.  

 Contact us at Modern Feelings Music.  - "The right feeling, the right sound, the right time".  

Monsters Collaboration (Ember)

The Song 'Monsters in my mind' began as a simple lyric idea from Ember. During a patio writing session, she  said "I had a scary dream, I think it would make a great song".  We immediately starting writing lyrics, and discussing the bones of a song.  Next, we moved into the studio  to experiment with beats, melody and tempo.  After tracking the vocals, we focused on the music video.  Ember is very creative  and entirely focused on the work of becoming an artist.  It was a great pleasure collaborating with her.  Monsters in my Mind will debut in November 2022.    


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